The most popular and amazing television series of all time called Tokyo Revengers has released a brand new episode that gathers a lot of fans and reactions from the viewers. The amazing and amazing anime television series called Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 has been released on Crunchyroll where the viewers could easily see all the episodes. In the series, viewers witnessed Takemichi joining Hina, who advised him on the character she likes the most and told Hina that it is the person she will never neglect again, distinguishing Takemichi that it is him and moved. to the toilet. Hanma, also known as Punishment, appears and asks Takemichi that he is not in the car. Takemichi notices that Hina is in crisis and has never been given a chance to acknowledge his emotions.

Tokyo Revengers

In the final episode of the series titled Odds and Ends, the audience saw Takemichi drop breaks after receiving the award, and Hina’s mother states that Hinata loved Takemichi so much. Later, Naoto matched up with Takemichi, and they all talked about Sendo Atsushi, commonly known as Akkun. Naoto reveals that he studied a bit about Sendo, and Sendo was married and had a child. Takemichi discovers that his colleague who shot Hinata is dating. Naoto shows that Sendo’s children desire, and their rule has seized him to seduce Hinata and Takemichi.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 Review

After that, Naoto also explains that they took Sendou’s house, scared him, and demanded that he tell him anything before he died. Takemichi replies that Sendo said the same after what Toman said to him. Naoto can’t understand Toman’s upset, and Takemichi marvels at why Hanman is in destiny. Both see that a part has been lost, and they have not switched in any way. Takemichi mentioned that a blank reason was also exchanged even though they were defending Dragons.

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The release date of Tokyo Revengers Episode 14 is set for July 10, 2021, on Crunchyroll and both start to protect everyone and then they appeared on the Tokyo internment focus. Takemichi admires why they are all here and the number 248 was asked to come and see his visitors. Takemichi is shocked to discover that the number 248 has been identified as Dragons. Both are happy to see each other and Takemichi discovers that Draken is in the last row. Later, the next day, Takemichi goes to history to solve the puzzle. So go watch the episode only on Crunchyroll to get further stories of the series, stay tuned with us until then.