Natalie Holt was praised in Loki for her otherworldly compositions; Could the MCU creator soon enter the Star Wars universe?

Natalie Holt, Composer of Disney+’s Latest Original Series Loki, Showed interest in scoring Star Wars Project Loki Originally released for streaming last month, it has since established itself as one of the streaming service’s most popular original releases. marvel and Star Wars Rich features on the platform, working in both franchises and cross-fertilization for crews have become common – most notably Kevin Fagg, president of Marvel Studios, and Loki Author Michael Waldron is ready to collaborate on it Star Wars Movies in the distant future.

Loki Natalie Holt’s first venture into writing a blockbuster franchise like MSU, but her compositions are still a huge success. Loki score has been hailed as one of MSU’s finest, proudly aged instruments and deafening melodies that uniquely capture the strangeness of the show’s universe-expecting story. The last two episodes Loki It features a 32-person chorus that has taken it far beyond the most distant scores published in the three Disney+ MCU series.

Holt I thought it was more than fascinating to be at the helm myself Star Wars The composer responded to a tweet from a fan who suggested the concept of the project “Oh my…yes please!!!!!” You can check out his tweet for yourself below:

With Loki Under his belt, Holt is now equipped to deal with a bright space like a fantasy Star Wars In the near future. Plus, Holt wouldn’t be the first composer to jump into a galaxy too far from MCU. Michael Giachino scored the first goal of the season The doctor is weird And Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Back to Back 2016. From Ludwig Garrison’s Leap black leopard In mandolar Another remarkable example. Suffice it to say that there must be a precedent for such a transformation.

Holt’s progressive response Loki Got scores, all these, but probably expect to return in the future with a Disney IP score. Star Wars On the map. Hopefully, Lucasfilm has sparked Holt’s interest and found a suitable project to improve it. Star Wars Music in fresh and unprotected areas. Until then, listeners can wait to hear the rest of Loki Score in the show’s season finale (featuring Epic 32-person vocals) next week with