Several films were released on Friday at the box office, where Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Bazaar’, ‘Kashi: The Search for Ganges’ and ‘Rajkumar Rao’ besides ‘5 Wedding’ 5 releases have been released for Sharman Joshi. So let us tell you about the earnings of the first day of these films. Saif’s ‘bazaar’ earns fine after all the films.

Saif Ali Khan’s market has earned 2.75 crores in the first day. This movie is well-liked by critics. The film received mixed feedback from the audience. The rest of the films released this week have performed extremely poorly. No film has crossed the figure of 20 million. Sharman Joshi lowered the film Kashi. But the film failed to show its magic at the box office. On the first day, the film did business of only 20 lakhs.

Rajkumar Rao and Nargis Fakhri’s film ‘5 Weddings’ earned just 10 lakhs. The film received poor response from viewers and critics. Shakti Kapoor and Poonam Pandey’s film ‘The Journey of Karma’ also performed poorly. After the bold trailer, the film was covered with headlines but the audience did not like to watch the film.

Apart from this, ‘Ghal Ja Bapu’ earns less than Rs 1 lakh. Dussehra has a business of 2 lakh. ‘Village the Village no More’ earned in 1 lakh. Makers of all the films will be expected to earn from the coming weekend. Stay tuned with the Bollywood bubble to know the earnings of the latest Bollywood films.