If the effect of the Meetu campaign is to show the highest on anyone then Bollywood is there. Many Bollywood actors come in his grip One of the artists is director Subhash Ghai. Subhash, who gave his best films like Ram Lakhan, Khalnak to the film industry, also faced serious charges like tampering under this campaign. These allegations were put on by the model Kate Sharma.

But now news about Subhash Ghai’s relief has come to this matter. According to the information available, the Mumbai Police has given Ghai a clean chit in this case. If the police believed, then Kate, who had accused the director of the case, is baseless. There is no truth in it. After scrutiny, no evidence was found on it.

According to the report, the police said that it was a conspiracy to defame Subhash. His viral picture with Kate is that of Subhash’s birthday which was taken out at Subhash’s office. At that time Kate was with them. Putting this picture on social media was defaming Kate Subhash. However, Kate later withdrew the case, citing the mother’s illness. At present, the police has given Subhash an innocent sentence while presenting his report on this.

Let me tell you that model Kate Sharma had accused Subhash Ghai that he had asked him to massage in a reportedly filled field and after that he had tried to arrest him. After this he filed a complaint on October 12 in the police.