Cinema – Kedarnath

Cinema type – love story

Artists – Sushant Singh Rajput, Sarah Ali Khan,

Director – Abhishek Kapoor

Duration – 1 hour 56 minutes


Sara Ali Khan’s debut film ‘Kedarnath’ has been the subject of discussion for many years with its subject. There was controversy over the film. Eventually the film is releasing. Let’s know whether this movie will allow you to entertain.


The story of ‘Kedarnath’ is based on a love story. Which has been shown by linking the catastrophe in Kedarnath. Mansoor (Sushant Singh Rajput) arranges the visit of Kedarnath by arranging the devotees on their horse or back. Mukku (Sara Ali Khan) is the daughter of Kedarnath Pandit (Nitish Bhardwaj). Mooku loves to love Sarah. Mukku’s father and family are against his love affair. Persecution is over in Mansur. In the meanwhile, the flood waters are coming to Kedarnath.

Everything in this catastrophe gets destroyed. To save Mukku, Mansoor plays on his own life. Mansoor and Mukku end up in each other or not? You will have to watch the movie to know this.


This is the debut film of Sarah Ali Khan. Sarah has strongly influenced the first film. He had a lot of expectations, he has fulfilled his expectations. Sushant Singh Rajput has performed brilliant acting. Other artists, including Nitish Bhardwaj, have performed well.

Direction and cinematography

Abhishek Kapoor directed the film. The subject was difficult but Abhishek has been successful in connecting the event of love and disaster. The shading of Tussar Kanti Ray is appreciated.

Special points

1 story, dialogue and scenes are breathtaking.

2 stars of Ali Ali Khan.

3 Direction and cinematography are excellent.

Weak links

1 In the second part the film becomes somewhat slow.

2 music could have been better, especially background score.

The end of the story 3 could have been better.

Do not see or see

The story of the film entertains and also shows the phenomenon of the catastrophe. You can definitely watch this movie.